Freud, Liegestuhl (c) Musée de Vienne
Freud, Liegestuhl (c) Musée de Vienne








February 28th and 29th, 2016


9 am to 5.30 pm

Herods hotel’s Conferences room

156 Hayarkon Street

Tel Aviv, Israel

Freud Committee, in collaboration with Passages/ADAPes magazine, the Practical School of Higher Studies in Psychopathologies (EPHEP), and under the sponsorship of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and the French Embassy in Israel is co-organizing a French-Israeli conference on the issue of : « Psychic Trauma ».


A psychic trauma may result in frozen images, images perceived before the blackout of consciousness. Blacked-out consciousness may cause this frozen image to stagnate, blocked by the survivor’s silence, while death can be taken as its meaning. More generally, it seems conceivable that a traumatized person will live with « disappointment », shame and/or guilt feelings related to the fact that the fatal outcome has not be realized. All these factors will handicap this person's existence and will have a traumatizing impact upon his/her signifying human environment.


If we consider the example of the Shoah, we cannot but observe that the event is often frozen into survivors's memory while ceaselessly affecting them, transmitting it to the next generations, while staying unable of getting rid of it. This situation seems unrelated to the repressed Unconscious but more to the enclaved one, or the forcluded one. It is, in any case related to splitting and its related defenses. It may affect particularly persons who are suffering from an intense death drive while the overflow, born from rage and destructiveness, may become an actor of co-libidinal excitation.


Freud began his career with the dramatic aspect of the relationship between trauma and sexuality.

By expressing their disorders in words and thanks to the developing transference, the women he treated were sometimes able to rid themselves of their disorders. Would it not seem worthwhile trying out this technique with patients whose unconscious desire economy has been inflated by a shock no longer caused by a specific intrusive ‘other’ but by the « Real » ?


As a matter of fact, in the case of social violence and even though one may belong to the  same community,  it is the relation to the other that is inscribed in the traumatic register.  Thus the psychological trauma, outside any incident, seems to have become a possibly determining element of the social relation.



Following debates will be opened and concluded by:

Dr Charles Melman, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Founder of ALI (International Lacanian Association)


Dr Viviane Chétrit- Vatine, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst,

Former President of IPS (Israël Psychoanalytic Society)


Sunday, 28th February 2016

9 am                          Inscriptions

9.15 am                    Opening

Patrick Maisonnave,  French Ambassador in Israel


9.30 – 12 am            Session 1:

Psychological trauma, the origins of psychoanalysis

President: Dr Viviane Chétrit -Vatine, Psychoanalyst, former President of IPS


Edith Szyper-Winkler, Psychoanalyst, member of IPS

« A man is being beaten, the Freudian psychoanalytic term variations of “A child is being beaten“»

Dr Thierry Florentin, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI

« The terror of sexuality »

Thatyana Pitavy, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI

« Childhood Sexual trauma and addiction »

Dr Serge Reznik, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst , Member of the Cercle freudien,

« The traumatism in the language »

Dr Hervé Bentata, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI 

« Childhood trauma and adult psychosis »

Dr Patricia Le Coat-Kreissig, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst member of ALI

« Psychologic wars » 


12.15 – 2.15 pm               Lunch break


2.30 – 5 pm             Session 2 :

Which consequences on psychoanalysis conceptualization?

President: Choula Emerich, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI


Dr Guido Liebermann, Psychoanalyst, Historian

« Traumatic path in an analytic treatment »

Marie Jejcic, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI

« From too much to nothing, the traumatism tricks»

Simone Wiener, Psychoanalyst, member of Shibboleth, Freud’s actuality

« Georges Perec, letters of  ‘’ frozen sorrow ‘’ ? »

Serge Zagdanski, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI

« Beyond the trauma ? »

Dr Claude Landman, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, member of ALI

« Psychic trauma and identity amnesia »
Dr Udi Oren, Former President of EMDR Europe,

« EMDR Therapy - integrative therapy for psychic trauma »



Monday, 29th February 2016


9.30 – 12 am           Session 3:

Shoah experience

President: Charles Melman, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Founder of ALI 


Yael Caspi, Sc.D. Clinical Psychologist, Director, Veterans' Outpatient Services Department of Psychiatry Rambam Medical Health Center

« The psychics consequences of war on veterans of the Israel Defense Forces and their families »

Dr Gideon Becker, Psychologist at Shalvata Hospital

 « The trauma as an event, the traumatic as an effect »

Dr Nitsa Nakach, Psychiatrist, in charge of the trauma department and the psychiatric department at The Brull Community Mental Health Center, Tel Aviv

 «Exposure treatment for veterans, patients with co-morbid PTSD and OCD»

Dr Fruchter, Former head of the mental health service in the IDF

« The conceptual organisation of the three levels of prevention of the combat PTSD – the IDF perception»

Dr Dana Amir, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, member of IPS

« When language meets traumatic lacuna: modes of testimony, modes of healing »

Idan Oren, Psychoanalyst, member of Lacan-Tel Aviv Forum

« Waking up from reality : trauma makes psychoanalysis possible»



12.15 – 2.15 pm     Lunch break



2.30 – 5 pm             Session 4:

Dissension between people and nation: nationalism, identity and demography

President: Emile H. Malet, Director of Passages and ADAPes, General coordination delegate of Freud Committee


Cyril Aslanov, Professor of Linguistic, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Director of International Center for the University Teaching of Jewish Civilization/Chair Center , Jewish Studies in Russian « A Hebrew- arabian asymmetrical relationship in Israël»

Abraham B. Yehoshua, author

« The mythological trauma in the creation of the Jewish people in the desert »

Denis Charbit, Lecturer, Open University of Israel « The Israeli-Palestinian conflict »

Denis Charbit, Lecturer, Open University of Israel « The Israeli-Palestinian conflict »

Sergio Della Pergola, Demographer, Professor at Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry and Hebraic University of Jerusalem « Spaces and asymmetries between peoples »

Prof. Yolanda Gampel, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst,Tel Aviv University, member of IPS



5 – 5.30 pm             Conclusion



Foreseen speakers

Schlomo Ben-Ami, Former Minister of foreign affairs, Director of « Centro Internacional de Toledo para

la Paz »

Daniel Bensimon, Former journalist for Haaretz, former deputy at Knesset

Corinne Evens, President, Muzeum Historii Żydów Polskich (Jews history museum), Warsaw

Ari Shavit, Journalist for Haaretz, author

Dr Mohammad Shtayyeh, ex Minister of Palestinian Authority

Sihem Habchi, Former President of association « Ni Pute Ni Soumise »

Barbara Wolffer, Director, French Institute Israel



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Aurélie Caillard

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